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Anderson Accounting, PA
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Pageland, SC

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"The Success Of Our Clients Says It All!"

Anderson Accounting, PA has been an accounting and income tax firm for over 16 years with a combined total of over 47 years tax preparation experience. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality of tax and accounting services possible to our clients. Our clients are able to advantage of the latest tax changes that will assist them in lowering their overall tax bill, and our clients are also having the information available to plan for the tax changes that could raise their tax bill. Our firm has some of the highest trained and experienced personnel available. One of our Taxation Specialist has received his Ph.D. in taxation as well as the certification of being an Enrolled Agent for the Internal Revenue Service. To obtain your Enrolled Agent certification a person must pass a two day exam that thoroughly covers all areas of U.S. Taxation.

We have to stay current on the tax changes so our personnel regularly attend tax update seminars at least once a year, with some attending seminars several times a year. We require that most of our personnel receive 50 hours of continuing education credit per year in relevant areas of taxation and accounting.

If your business is in need of payroll services, monthly write-up services, or taxation planning services click here to go to our contact page and give us a call. If you personally or your business are receiving notices from the Internal Revenue Service click here for our contact page and give us a call. We are more than willing to help you understand what the Internal Revenue Service is doing and will try help us with a solution to the tax problems you might be facing. Our firm might be able to help you settle those notices for pennies on the dollar.

We can assist in offer-in-compromise and get your tax obligations reduced extensively. Call us today and we will be glad to work for you.

If you have an IRS problem feel free to call us

We are here to help give us a call and ask for the Tax Doctor.

Now is the time to plan for next Tax Season

Are you ready for the up coming tax season? Did you get a unexpected tax bill last year? Don't let that happen again contact us today so we can help you understand what to expect this up coming tax season. We can help several different tax strategies for Individuals and Businesses. Don't wait for the year to end without planning call today for an appointment 843-672-1040.

Tax Preparation
Our office can prepare your individual or business federal income tax returns along with all state income tax returns. We can help your business plan expenditures to minimize your income tax liability. Along with tax planning options that can help reduce payroll taxes or self-employment tax. Our office has some of the highest trained professionals that are lead by an Enrolled Agent that has obtained his Doctorate in Taxation. He is the 1040 Doctor. An Enrolled Agent (EA) is an individual designation provided by the Internal Revenue Service. The designation is acquired by passing a two-day exam covering all aspects of federal taxation.

Tax Audit Representation
Our tax professional can help you prepare for any tax audit and represent your case all the way to tax court if necessary. Our firm represents clients all over the nation and has even represented Bill Clinton's former next-door neighbor in Little Rock Arkansas. That client owed over $535,996.80 before the audit exam and after the examination of the 1040 return the client only owed $1,744.86. That is where it pays for you to call on a firm that knows the tax laws and is working for you!! We can assist in offer-in-compromise and get your tax obligations reduced extensively. Call us today and we will be glad to work for you.

If you have an IRS problem feel free to call us.

Payroll Services
We offer a full line of payroll service options. Our office is capable of receiving your payroll on Monday and having it completely prepared and available for pick up or mailing on Tuesday. That our Checks Next Day policy. Your office can send us the payroll via fax, or internet, and after you have done that we take care of all the worries. We print the checks on blank check stock using MICRO encoding technology. Our payroll reports will show you the total cost of payroll on a pay period basis, including all federal and state payroll taxes. We can handle any annual workers compensation audit with a report that classifies your employees into class with the wages earned for even the oddest workers compensation policy years. If your company is required to make payroll tax deposits every pay period we can transmit that payment for you. With us handling the payroll for your company the only task you have to perform are send the hours and employee changes to us and make one deposit into the payroll checking account. Our office is proud that none of our clients have payroll problems with the Internal Revenu
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