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2/21/2012 - Senator 'disappointed' by No vote - Click here to print this information

ANNAPOLIS (WNAV) A State Senator from Montgomery County is speaking out about a House colleague's vote on same-sex marriage.

Delegate Sam Arora (D) voted no on the bill to legalize gay marriage in Maryland. His vote led to his legislative director resigning and calls from some liberals to resign or have him recalled.

State Senator Roger Manno, who represents the same district as Arora, said "respectfully and with deep humility for all cultures, lifestyles and religions" that he was disappointed with Arora's vote against same-sex marriage. "In my heart, this is an important and timely issue of emancipation for loving families and couples of the same sex," Manno said.

Some angry with the vote from Friday are lobbying colleagues of Arora in District 19 to not slate with him when re-election takes place. Manno says that they didnt slate during his campaign in 2010. "Our delegation has not met to have any conversations about what we may or may not do in 2014."

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