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11/10/2021 - City Appoints Recording Secretary - Click here to print this information

DeKalb city leaders appointed city executive assistant Ruth Scott to be the official recording secretary to the city council. Recording meeting minutes had been the responsibility of the city clerk Sasha Cohen. Mayor Cohen Barnes told WLBK multiple times in recent interviews that the Clerks job performance is a problem due to errors, omitting important details and editorializing. City Clerk Cohen addressed the council last evening about the appointment. He said he requested formal training however the City Manager declined Cohen's request. According to the City Manager, this move will not change or diminish the duties of the city clerk. The city document says essentially, the action will provide the council a reliable record keeper. Also, the move will not prevent the city clerk from taking minutes. The council will now have the opportunity to decide which set of minutes to accept and approve. A follow up ordinance on this appointment will be presented later this month.

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