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11/8/2021 - Citizen's Review Board Approved - Click here to print this information

DeKalbs city council approved an ordinance on second reading to create a 5 member Citizens Police Review Board. According to city documents The board may review all the responsive records regarding a citizen complaint and provide written recommendations to the Police Chief. The ordinance states in part, the Board shall meet in closed session as may be allowed by law.
According to the new ordinance: The mission of the Board is to promote the highest principles of professional police conduct including, but not limited to, fairness, empathy, and consistency in police and community relations, the use of force, and the investigation of citizen complaints. Three members will serve 2 year terms and two members will serve a one year term. Mayor Cohen Barnes says he will bring the five chosen members, made up of DeKalb citizens to the next council meeting for council approval. A board chair will be chosen by the mayor. The review board will meet regularly at least 6 times per year.

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