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11/5/2021 - Sycamore Closer To Awarding Water Line Contract - Click here to print this information

Sycamore city councilors approved a resolution which says they PLAN to award a contract to Loves Park based N-Track Group to replace lead water lines. The city of Sycamore is in the process of procuring a 1.7-million-dollar loan from the Illinois EPA to assist residents with the expensive upgrades. Maggie Peck is the Sycamore City Manager. She says city engineer Mark Bushnell has been instrumental with the water plan in seeking the loan from the EPA.
Earlier this year, councilors approved a reimbursement program, which gives a $1,000 to homeowners for service line upgrades from home to city watermain. Residents can receive $2,000 if the watermain is across the street from their house. According to the EPA, the average cost of lead service line replacement is $4,700. It can range from $1,200 to $12,300 per line. The city of Sycamore is being sued by a group of residents over water quality problems and issues of lead in the water. The suit is in the evidence gathering stage.

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