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11/11/2011 - Jay Schroeder Announces Candidacy for 55th Assembly Seat - Click here to print this information

[NEENAH,WI.)-Surrounded by family, friends and supporters, Jay Schroeder formally announced today his candidacy for the State Assemblys 55th District.
The voters of the 55th district have a new choice today, an option that has escaped them for almost 20 years," Schroeder told supporters. "I have been called back to public service to support an agenda of job growth and economic recovery. I am both excited and humbled to announce my candidacy for the 55th State Assembly district, and look forward to sharing with you my plans to create jobs and promote conservative solutions to Wisconsins problems."
In his announcement at his campaign headquarters, Schroeder laid out his plan to take conservative sensibilities to Madison and put Wisconsin back to work:
"It should be no surprise that the number one priority for Wisconsin is getting our state back to work - we can make Wisconsin the shining star of the Midwest. We are taxing our best natural resources right out of this state - our people. The Governors budget repair bill, which Rep. Kaufert voted against, is already working to give communities the flexibility they need to save jobs.
Rep. Kaufert opposed the bill that is saving taxpayers $3,400,000 in the Neenah School District, $400,000 in the City Of Neenah, and over $100,000 in the Town of Menasha. But we cant stop there Im proposing giving taxpayers more of their money back by raising individual income tax deductions."
Schroeder also proposed lowering the corporate tax rate to the lowest in the Midwest to attract business to the state. "If we're serious about creating jobs and revitalizing Wisconsins economic engine, we need bold proposals - not absentee representation from a career politician in Madison. Kauferts record of delinquent representation shows he is more concerned with protecting his job than saving yours."
"It is my intention to run a principled campaign that focuses on the issues and not personalities, Schroeder continued. "My record as a public servant is clear, as is my commitment to conservative principles. I am not a career politician, nor will I stay in office past my 8-year proposal for term limits. What I will do is make sure the voices of the 55th district are always heard in Madison, and that the issues we face receive the attention and conservative answers they need."
Jay Schroeder currently lives with his wife Rebekah and four children in Neenah. Born in Clintonville, Jay has lived in Wisconsin his entire life. He received his BA from UW Stout in Business Administration and currently works in mortgage administration. More information is available at

(Aaron Harper,WJNR,WOBE,WHTO)

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