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1/4/2008 - YMCA Becoming Handicap Accessible - Click here to print this information

The Clinton Community YMCA will soon be handicapped accessible thanks to a generous donation. Jan Martin, Executive Director of the Y, indicates the organization recently received a 15-thousand 5-hundred dollar donation from local resident Ernest Thorp to be used for updating the YMCA's front entrance. Martin says the automatic doors will relieve the problems some people have getting into the building.

According to Martin, the new doors will call for the YMCA's entryway to be extended three feet to the east. She says crews will be building a new set of doors that will be equipped with a button that people are able to push that will then automatically open the doors.

Martin indicates she has two main goals for the project. One is to minimize any inconvenience members may face during the construction process. The other is to maintain the integrity of the old YMCA logo in the entryway that was in the original YMCA downtown.

This is not the first time Mr. Thorp has stepped up to help out the Y. Martin says he has donated funds in the past that allowed them to update numerous aspects of the facility.

Construction of the new entryway at the YMCA is only expected to take a day or two at the most. Much of the work will be prefabricated off site. The project has been set to begin in February.

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