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12/10/2014 - Northampton Supervisors get an ear full - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

The Northampton Supervisors were greeted by approximately 130 citizens when they returned from their dinner break Tuesday night. The group represented an organized demonstration spearheaded by the Shorekeepers organization which opposes the proposed changes in the County Zoning ordinances.

Seventeen spoke to the Supervisors for their allotted three minutes each. Two thirds of them demanded that the proposed new zoning ordinances be withdrawn. Others complained that they had received no response to their input, no jobs for young people to come home to after college, a 7% tax increase to run an unwanted sewer line, backroom zoning, and they questioned effect on aqua culture and farming.

On Tuesday night's agenda was a motion to extend zoning ordinance amendment applications for six months beyond the twelve month window from the original Board of Supervisors vote on January 14, 2014. This motion was a point of contention with the speakers who wanted it amended withdrawing of all proposed changes.

With the room over flowing the Supervisors went on with other business and kept everyone waiting for that vote. After discussing the extension of the Chesapeake Bay Act on the seaside until up to December 2015, a motion was made by Larry Trala and seconded by Oliver Bennett, to extend the timing for the six months as outlined in the agenda. While that was being discussed Mr. Bennett took the opportunity to tell the people in the room that name calling would not influence his vote. This was in reference to a speaker who earlier in the evening had called Mr. Bennett on the carpet for allegedly saying he was against tourism because it didn't help the people in his district. The motion then passed on a 4 to 1 vote with Mr. Hogg being the only dissenting vote.

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