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7/13/2015 - Weekend Area Law Enforcement Activity - Click here to print this information

On Friday afternoon, a man came to the Langlade County Safety Building, expressing anger over workers for an Antigo restaurant accusing him and his mother of stealing a deposit worth over 800 dollars. A previous case that week of a $300 deposit missing was also alleged to be the man's mother, but there was no proof. The man admitted to officers he was the one who stole it. The investigation continues.

On Friday night, a woman residing in rural Langlade County called dispatch frightened, saying a group of well dressed traveling salesmen had been very aggressive in their sales pitch of a vacuum cleaner and try to force their way inside the home. Another complaint was lodged about the same group two weeks ago. The men left but came back at around 7PM banging on her door. Police arrived while they were there. It was determined the men work for a distribution company in Wausau. Deputies warned them that any more complaints would result in charges of disorderly conduct and trespassing. They were told not to return.

On Sunday morning, Antigo grocery store employees dialed 911 for a man who was acting strangely, and was possibly under the influence. Police responded and the man was arrested for several warrants. He admitted to being on meth, and also said he had taken bath salts that morning, and Saturday night. More charges are pending.

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