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7/8/2015 - Fast Food Manager Accuses Female Employee Of Theft - Click here to print this information

Shortly after noon on Tuesday, the Antigo Police Department received a call from a fast food manager in Antigo, saying that a female employee had possibly stolen money the previous night. He said the deposit was $600 short, and he wanted officers to help him retrieve the money. The woman was not at her home, but after looking through her records, officers noticed she was wanted on a warrant from Marathon County. The investigation continues.

Shortly before midnight, a sheriff's deputy was doing traffic enforcement on Highway 55 and County Road T. A female passed the officer going North on 55 at a high rate of speed and then turned into a gas station in Pickerel. When the deputy turned his car around to follow her, she wasn't there, leading him to believe she was trying to elude him. The woman drove back onto 55 and the deputy initiated a traffic stop. The woman had a suspended license and had a warrant from Oneida County. She was cited for OWS, and handed over to Oneida County deputies at the county line.

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