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7/7/2015 - Langlade County To Seek Other Options For Mental Health Services - Click here to print this information

The Langlade County Public Safety committee has agreed to instruct Corporation Counsel Attorney Robin Stowe to seek other options for mental health care for Langlade County. Currently, the county contracts with North Central Health Care, an organization designed to serve Marathon, Lincoln, and Langlade. Last month, Langlade County Sheriff Bill Greening stated he was concerned about the level of services being given to the county, and wanted to explore other options. Toni Simonsen with North Central Health Care, said that a pilot program has been started in the Marathon County Jail, with psychiatrists and forensic counselors on hand. The program could also mean 24 hour access with someone on call at all times in Langlade County. Greening was pleased with this, as the main issues for the department is no one available on nights, weekends, and holidays. Greening adds the problem exists in both the jail, and the general public. Committee member Dale Dahms stated that he was tired of the county talking about the problem, and it was time for action to be taken one way or another. He added the potential for a serious incident to happen in the jail was too great for them not to act as soon as possible.

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