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7/1/2015 - Wausau Police Recommend Charges Against Michigan Man After Dog Dies In Hot Car - Click here to print this information

Wausau Police are recommending a felony charge against a 67-year-old man who let a hunting dog die in a hot car on Monday. It happened in a parking lot at Aspirus (as-py'-rus) Wausau Hospital. Police said a three-year-old English Setter was left unattended for over two hours, while the vehicle's glass temperature jumped to 121-degrees. The National Weather Service said the actual temperature was 66-degrees when police first spotted the animal. The man reportedly claimed that he kept going out regularly to check on the dog -- but hospital surveillance video showed it was left alone for two-hours and 10-minutes before police responded to a complaint. The suspect claimed he gave the dog water, an ran the vehicle's air conditioner. The man is free while the Marathon County district attorney's office investigates. Police asked prosecutors to charge the Upper Michigan man with felony animal mistreatment.

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