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5/29/2015 - DOT Warns Of Potentially Dangerous June For Deer Crashes - Click here to print this information

Potential for deer crashes will be high in June according to the Wisconsin DOT. Deer are increasingly active and will dart onto roadways

With their size, swiftness and unpredictability, deer are huge hazards for motorists. In June, they likely will be even more prevalent on Wisconsin roads.

Deer activity increases this time of year as does search for places to give birth and young deer separate from their mothers. With this increased activity, drivers may encounter more deer darting into the paths of their vehicles without warning.

Law enforcement agencies reported 18,312 deer vs. motor vehicle crashes last year. Dane County had the most motor vehicle vs. deer crashes reported in 2014 with 863. Shawano County had the second most with 725 followed by Waukesha County with 700. In Green Lake and Shawano counties, more than half of all reported crashes in 2014 involved deer.

Officials recommend eliminating distractions by turning down the radio, turning off cell phones, and also remind drivers to never swerve to avoid striking a deer.

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