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5/28/2015 - Antigo School Board Votes To Refill Music Retirement With Full-Time Teacher - Click here to print this information

The Antigo School Board met for their monthly meeting last evening, and discussed options once again for the 5th grade program. Due to the likelihood that the state legislature will reinstate the $150 per pupil funding, the district recommended hiring a half time teacher to help teach 5th grade band, and also a half time special education teacher who would also be half time dean of students at the high school.

District Administrator Dr. Don Childs explained to the board the proposal, saying that 5th grade band would be offered after school, with buses transporting the kids to the location, and back to their home schools when they are finished. He admitted there would be an extra cost, but one they were willing to take on, to stop the current practice of the instructor taking students out of their regular classes to conduct lessons.

Band Director Carol Schaefer attended the meeting, and said that having the program after school would substantially decrease their numbers, and she suggested dropping 5th grade band altogether, with students starting in 6th grade so everyone is at the same level. Board members also questioned how the transportation would work. Childs said the board would always have pressure from groups that feel decisions would hurt them, but they have to act in the best interest of the district as a whole.

The board approved hiring a full-time music teacher. Though Childs would not commit to the structure of the program, he stated unless given specific instruction to do so, the district would do away with class time being taken away for lessons.

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