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Mid-Wisconsin Buses To Close In Early June; Malliette Vows To Help Laid Off Workers - Click here to print this information

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has been notified Mid-Wisconsin Buses in Antigo will be permanently closing its facility on Forrest Avenue.

In a news release, DWD stated they've been notified 28 people will lose their jobs the beginning of June.

Mid-Wisconsin and Malliette Bus Company previously shared contracts with the Antigo School District. Mid-Wisconsin lost a bid to continue the contract this past winter, after the district decided to downsize in order to cut costs.

The company will close on, or around June 5th.

Malliette has vowed to help those who are set to lose their jobs. Tim Grosskurth, owner of Malliette, says they have reached out to 20 drivers, notifying them they would have employment at the beginning of the school year if they desire it.

Grosskurth who is a bus driver himself, says most of the drivers will have their same routes that they did last year, and many will be in the same buses. He adds that it puts parents at ease when they know the person that's driving their child to school. He also credited the school district for making the decision when they did, saying it takes a new person at least one month to train before they're ready, and this situation required as much planning as possible.

Malliette is in the process of purchasing several buses from Mid-Wisconsin.

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