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5/26/2015 - New Apparel Approved While Hunting Meant To Encourage Woman To Take Part - Click here to print this information

Wisconsin lawmakers confirmed today that they want to let hunters wear "blaze pink" in the woods, as well as blaze orange. As promised, supporters held a news conference in Madison this afternoon to announce the proposal. Assembly Democrat Nilk Milroy of South Range wore a florescent pink T-shirt to hammer his message home. Assembly Republicans Joel Kleefisch of Oconomowoc and David Steffen of Howard did the same. They said blaze pink would encourage more women to hunt -- and apparel-makers could work together with non-profit groups to get more women-and-men interested in hunting. U-W Madison textile expert Majid Sarmadi said blaze pink is just as visible as blaze orange in the woods. The three lawmakers plan to seek co-sponsors for the proposal over the next couple of weeks.

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