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5/21/2015 - County Board's Bostwick Resigns From Post - Click here to print this information

The Langlade County Board of Supervisors have one less board member, following the resignation Tuesday of Willie Bostwick, who served the constituents of Evergreen, Ward 1 of Langlade, and Ward 2 of Wolf River.

Bostwick provided a letter of his resignation to the rest of the board, thanking them for contributing to his experience of serving on local government. He cited incidents in the past week that, "I can not in good faith support what is happening and follow the guidelines required to be a member of government at this level."

Bostwick had pushed for a closed session to discuss an issue in the Highway department that both Board Chair Dave Solin who was absent, and replacement Ron Nye did not agree was necessary. A motion was eventually made and passed to go into closed session which took place at the end of the meeting.

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