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5/19/2015 - County Board Deals With Busy Agenda - Click here to print this information

The Langlade County Board of Supervisors met for their monthly meeting Tuesday morning. The board heard a presentation from a representative of Robert W. Baird & Co. regarding the county's desire for the sale of approximately $1,075,000 in general obligation refunding bonds. The county should save around $25,000 by doing this. Finance Director Gary Olsen explained that the interest rates would decrease to 1.55% by doing this. He says the decision was an easy one as they would be saving money without extending the payment schedule.

Carol Balwat resigned from the libary board, citing a staute with the board that you can't serve on two governing bodies and still be on. Balwat is on the county board and city council.

Bobbi Damrow, the dean at the Antigo campus of North Central Technical College gave a presentation to the board about the Wood Technology Program which has shown great strides in the past two years, with 4 of 5 graduates of the program finding jobs. She also stated the college has had more than 60 events in the past year to raise awareness about the program.

The board also heard about the county's photo contest of the rivers that flow through Langalde County. The entries, 70 in all, were taken by county employees. Molly McKay, Pam Jankowski and Dave Tlusty were winners in the contest for their photos of the Wolf, Eau Claire, and Oconto rivers respectively. Each was given 100 dollars and will have their image hung up in the resource center.

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