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5/18/2015 - Antigo Man Arrested For OWI While Going To Pick Up Granddaughter From School - Click here to print this information

On Friday afternoon, shortly after 3PM, the Antigo Police Department received a call about a man who was driving intoxicated. The man's wife was the concerned citizen who notified law enforcement after he left the couple's trailer to pick up his granddaughter from school in the family's van. He had been drinking and was high on oxycotin. The man was stopped before he reached the school, and arrested for OWI 1st offense.

At 6:55PM on Saturday, police received word of a 9 year old boy who had been bitten by a dog while walking on Deliglise Street. The dog was with a boy and a girl, and had a harness but no leash. A man thought to be the dog's owner, told the boy that the dog was caught up with his shots, to clean the wound and not worry about it. Officers talked to the owner but no charges were filed.

On Sunday evening at 9:24 PM, a man on Enterprise Lake Road called sheriff's deputies to report a domestic disturbance happening down the street. He stated a male was outside punching a truck, and a female was yelling at him. The man was cited for disorderly conduct, and both were told to leave the residence.

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