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5/15/2015 - Police Respond To Burglary At Antigo Food Pantry - Click here to print this information

On Thursday morning, the Antigo Police Department responded to a complaint from a volunteer at the Antigo Area Community Food Pantry. The person said that while he was dropping off fresh fruit, he noticed that someone had broken in from the back door. The perpetrator had put plastic inside the door so it couldn't lock. The volunteer said the person might have taken food, but they weren't sure at that point. The investigation continues.

At 3:15 PM, a deputy with the Langlade County Sheriff's Office conducted a traffic stop at Highway 45 and County Road G. The deputy said the driver and a passenger's eyes seemed to be constricted. The other passenger in the vehicle stated she believed the two had smoked K2 earlier in the day. Officers found a pipe, but following a consented search, no drugs were found. The driver was cited for operating on a revoked license.

Shortly after 10PM, police received a call from a man who had just gotten off work and noticed his car had been broken into. A threatening note had been left on the windshield. Three car phone chargers had been stolen, along with a pack of cigarrettes. A co-worker stated he witnessed a vehicle running that was parked next to the victim's car just after 9PM. The investigation continues.

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