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5/14/2015 - Sheriff's Deputies Handle Loose Horse Complaint For 8th Time In 1 1/2 Years - Click here to print this information

On Wednesday morning, shortly after 3AM, the Langlade County Sheriff's Office received a report of two horses who were in the road on Highway 47 near Christie Road. A short time later, the owner of the animals called looking for them. Dispatch told the woman their location and she rounded them up. After investigating, it was found this was the 8th complaint about the horses since December of 2013. The woman was advised the next report would result in a citation.

Wednesday afternoon, a manager of an Antigo construction company called to report that a person who had been fired at the end of April, had fraudulently used a company credit card for three days after until it was cancelled. The man racked up over $2,000 worth of purchases. The investigation continues.

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