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5/13/2015 - Antigo School District Receives Results From Community Wide Survey - Click here to print this information

The Antigo School Board met for about an hour and a half for their committee of the whole meeting and heard a presentation from Deb Osborne from "School Perceptions", a company the district hired to conduct their community wide survey last month.

Osborne reports that the survey was sent to 5,571 people, and 17% responded. 24% of respondents were employees of the school district, and there was a 50/50 split of parents/non-parents.

Osborne noted that staff generally had the most positive answers about the schools, with parents being the most negative. Non-Parents were in the middle. On the question of how is the school doing, most answers were "fair" to "good".

On the question that has been the most heavily debated over the last several years, "should the district explore consolidating some of the smaller schools to increase operational inefficiencies", the results were overwhelmingly one sided. 87% of staff felt that way, 69% of Non-Parents, and 59% of parents.

Over 1,000 comments were submitted by respondents as well.

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