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5/6/2015 - Langlade County Deputies Take Complaints On Dogs/Former Tenants - Click here to print this information

Yesterday morning, a man living on Edison Road in Langlade County, complained to sheriff's deputies that his neighbor's dogs were making too much noise. He relayed to law enforcement that the dogs are hounds and wake up at 5AM everyday and howl all day long. A deputy had warned the neighbor about the problem in the past. The neighbor was spoken to again and said there was nothing he could do to remedy the situation. He blamed the complainant for moving next to a house that has dogs. Police warned him he could be cited for disorderly conduct if the dogs were not kept quiet.

Another man who owns a property on Old 26, told deputies that the previous tenants had taken a washer and a dryer that didn't belong to them, because they claimed it no longer worked. They also did considerable damage to the inside of the home. The man also told deputies the man, who is a felon, had recently been recklessly firing a gun in his backyard. The investigation continues into the man's complaints.

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