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5/6/2015 - No New Revenues Expected As School Districts Prepare To Cut - Click here to print this information

Wisconsin officials got some bad fiscal news today. The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau projected no additional tax revenues over the next two years, beyond those already expected in the proposed state budget. What that means is that lawmakers will not be able to add or restore funds to various programs that were downsized in the budget Republican Governor Scott Walker proposed in February. However, state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he was still committed to restoring about 127-million dollars in state school aid that was added last year and was proposed to be cut for the first year of the next budget.

The Antigo School District has made plans to reduce the debt in the past month, designating $370,000 from the districts fund balance to reduce the deficit. The thought was that it would reduce staff cuts for next year, with two high profile decisions to be made, including making 5th Grade band an after school activity, and partnering with Northcentral Technical College to help with the district's business classes. They also cut money from the maintenance and technology budgets, and are still a few hundred thousand dollars in the hole. The deficit initially was over 1 million dollars.

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