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4/29/2015 - Tuesday Police Activity In Antigo and Langlade County - Click here to print this information

On Tuesday morning a man on Forest Avenue called sheriffs deputies to complain that his neighbors were cutting trees on his property. Deputies say the man is convinced that his fence is the property line, but the actual line is steaks, closer to the mans property. The mans neighbors are requesting the fence be removed. According to research done by deputies, the mans neighbors are in the right with this dispute.

A woman also reported that her credit card had been fraudulently used between 30-35 times to a tune of over $7,000. All of the activity has occurred since March 1st, and have been withdrawls at various ATMs around Antigo. The woman suspects the person who lives with her, who she says would be the only one with access to her card.

Also yesterday the Antigo Police Department investigated a retail theft that took place at an Antigo store last Thursday. A woman had walked out with numerous items including a 46 inch tv, a vacuum, two first aid kits, and numerous other items. Police went to the womans home and found several of the items that were stolen. She is being referred for felony retail theft.

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