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4/27/2015 - Weather Looks Good For Farmers For Foreseeable Future - Click here to print this information


This could be the week that Wisconsin farmers finally get some field work done, as they get ready to plant their crops. The National Weather Service says a high-pressure system will keep things dry all week throughout the Badger State, with highs in the 60's each day and maybe the 70's on Friday. Technical agronomist Mike Weiss of Asgrow-Dekalb said farmers in northwest Wisconsin planted at least some corn a couple weeks ago. Most of Wisconsin is pretty dry, but soils are said to be wetter in central and eastern areas near Marshfield and Sheboygan. Soil temperatures are low, due to overnight lows in the 20's -- but Weiss says he's not too worried about that. The Weather Service says it will be warmer at night this week, with lows mainly in the 30's-and-40's. Weiss said farmers there might be a week behind the others. He said parts of southwest Wisconsin have black cut-worm moths in their fields -- but it's not thought to be serious. Forecasters expect a small chance of light rain on Friday, and a better chance for moisture early next week.

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