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4/22/2015 - Langlade County Health Department Warns Of Meningitis; Urges Vaccinations - Click here to print this information

The Langlade County Public Health Department is urging residents to have their children vaccinated for meningitis. Friday is World Meningitis Day, and Wednesday is immunization day at the health department. The first dose for meningitis should be given at age 11-12 years and the booster dose between the ages of 16-18. Parents of seniors are encouraged to call to ensure they have all the shots needed before they graduate. If you are unaware, call the Health Department at 715-627-6250 to have them check your child's immunization record. The clinic is from 9AM-4PM. The vaccines are free for those 2-18 years of age, and for adults vaccinations are free or for a minimal fee based on health coverage.

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