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4/8/2015 - Low Voter Turnout For Spring Election - Click here to print this information

Only about 18-percent of Wisconsin's eligible voters cast ballots in yesterday's State Supreme Court election. That's with less than one-percent of the ballots yet to be counted. State officials had predicted a 20-percent turnout, so they were not far off. Incumbent Justice Ann Walsh Bradley defeated Rock County judge James Daley 58-to-42 percent, to continue the existing philosophical make-up of the state's highest court. Bradley and current Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson remain the two liberals on the panel along with four conservatives and swing justice Patrick Crooks, who plans to retire next year. The members are expected to meet soon to consider a new process for picking the chief justice. That's after the voters approved a constitutional amendment to let the justices pick their own chief, instead of giving the post to the one with the most seniority.

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