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4/3/2015 - Langlade County Sheriff's Office Investigates Burglary Of Weapons, Ammo - Click here to print this information

The Langlade County Sheriff's Office needs your help to solve a burglary that happened some time in late March.

Deputies say at least five guns were stolen in southern Langlade County, including a pre-1964 Winchester Model 94 lever action, an SKS assault rifle with factory bayonet, Remington Model 7600, Remington 870 Wingmaster .20 gauge shotgun, and a Browning .308 caliber rifle.

The burglars also stole to a lot of ammunition, including .50 caliber armor piercing incendiary rounds.

If you have any information on the crime, the Sheriff's Office asks you to call Langlade County Crime Stoppers at 715-627-6245.

You can also text a tip to 'Langlade 274637.'

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