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3/27/2015 - Judge Candidates Put Resumes In Front Of Voters In Thursday Debate - Click here to print this information

On Thursday night, Langlade County Judge candidates John Rhode, an attorney in Antigo, and Langlade County District Attorney Ralph Uttke met for their third debate of the election season. This debate was sponsored by the Langlade County Bar Association.

Uttke touted his experience with the law, spanning from California and Wisconsin. He has been the Langlade County DA since 1990, when he was appointed by Governor Tommy Thompson. Uttke said his time watching Judge Fred Kawalski has taught him what it means to be a good judge. Uttke stated that a judge needs to be able to listen to all sides and make an objective ruling on the facts, but more importantly, a judge needs to know the law.

John Rhode is a lawyer with the firm Sommer, Olk & Payant in Antigo. Rhode said his diverse knowledge of all kinds of law is a strength of his over Uttke. He has worked in family law, criminal defense, business law, and more. Rhode says if elected, he will be fair and honest, and promises to put in the hours necessary to serve the citizens of Langlade County.

To listen to the debate, click the streaming tab on the right side of the Country 106 homepage, and change the date to March 26th, 2015.

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