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3/25/2015 - Two Separate Fights Lead To Charges For Langlade County Men - Click here to print this information

Yesterday, a man on Forrest Avenue called Langlade County Sheriffs Deputies to report that his neighbor once again was doing things near the property line. The dispute of the line has gone on for several years. Dispatch told him all deputies were busy at the time, and they would put the incident on file. Just 6 minutes later, he called back stating his neighbor tried to strike him with a wire, so he pepper sprayed him. They were warned that any further visits by deputies would result in arrests. The caller is being referred for violating a restraining order and battery.

Later that evening, just after 11:30, a bartender from a downtown Antigo bar called to report a fight had just occurred. One patron got into a fight with another while the victim was talking to a female. The 26 year old punched the victim in the face, breaking a tooth, and also bit off a large chunk of his ear. A gum ball machine in the establishment was destroyed as well. The man was taken by private automobile to Langlade Hospital. The perpetrator is being referred for Mayhem, Substantial battery, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Damage, and Bail Jumping.

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