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2008 Marion County Floods Updated 6:30 AM 6/21/08 - Click here to print this information

KNIA/KRLS continues to bring you information about conditions regarding the 2008 Marion County Floods.

Update on road closures - Saturday

The Iowa DOT reports that Hwy 5 at Hartford is open as is Hwy 92 between Knoxville and Oskaloosa. Hwy 14 north of Knoxville is restricted to one lane. The Marion County Engineers Office reports that hwy T-17 south of Pella is now open, and that T-15 between Knoxville and Pella is down to one lane for resurfacing with a pilot car directing traffic within the construction zone during working hours. This construction is planned to last through mid July. T-14 north of Pella is open with both lanes currently in operation, but crews will return to repair shoulder damage soon. T-25 remains closed, as is 218th place near Harvey. 216th place is closed from T-17 North. Many rural roads continue to be closed due to flooding, some streets that have reopened include:

216th Place Between West Street and Lowe.
70th Avenue Southwest of Knoxville between Perry and Nimrick
Nixon Street SW of Knoxville between 108th and 92nd Ave
Gear Street E. Of Pleasantville between 98th and 92nd.
Beardsley Street between 105th Ave and 95th Avenue.
None of the roads on English River Creek Closed

Update on river forecast Friday
A forecast issued Thursdya now has the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Red Rock reducing the outflow at the dam to 60,000 cubic-feet-per-second by Sunday. Lake Red Rock Operations Manager Sherry Richardson Duey says once outflow reaches the 45,000 cubic-feet-per-second range, the water is fairly well-contained within the river banks.

Rural roads likely impacted by flooding
108th Street Place (Stittsworth Bridge)
Kennedy St. (W. of S71)
115th Pl. (N. of Illinois)
Elk Horn Dr. (S of Dubuque)
160th Ave. (N. of Jersey)
Dubuque Dr. (W of Highway 14)
Dubuque Dr. (E of 140th)
Dubuque (W. of 160th)
Briggs at Intersection of 60th Ave.
Coolodge St. (W. of 25th Pl., Swan)
County Line Rd. (E. of Hwy 316)
Dakota St. W. of 120th
92nd Ave. (N of Nixon, Stickle)
Briggs St. (E. of 60th)
100th Ave. (S. of Nevada)
Dubuque St. (W. of 40th)
92nd Ave. (N. of Nevada)
Beardsley St. W. of 35th Pl.
Briggs St. (E. of 95th)
Fillmore Dr. (W. of 167th)
Perry St. (E. of 70th)
160th Ave. (N. of Dubuque)
Beardsley St. E. of 95th Ave.
60th Ave. (S. of Nimrick)
70th Ave. (N. of Perry)
Nixon St. (E. of 92nd)
50th Ave. (N. of Adkins)

Boating restricted on Lake Red Rock
According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a line of buoys has been placed approximately a half-mile west of the dam. No boats are allowed beyond the buoy line for safety reasons. Also of note, all summer programming at Lake Red Rock from June 19-22 has been canceled.

Authorities issue local boating ban for Des Moines River
According to Marion County Sheriff Ron Goemaat, there will be no boating allowed in the Des Moines River below the Lake Red Rock Dam. This is for the protection of homes, to prevent looting and vandalism, and for public safety. This boating ban will be in place until further notice. Homeowners in the area who wish to use boats should contact the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 641-828-2220.

Flooding keeps some recreation areas closed
High water levels continue to impact recreation areas at Lake Red Rock. According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, campgrounds located below the Lake Red Rock Dam including Howell Station and Ivans Campground are closed. North Tailwater and South Tailwater also remain closed and officials advise people to avoid those flooded areas and respect the barricades.

Utility issues flood safety tips
Utility companies are concerned about flood safety. For instance, Pella Cooperative Electric says a few simple steps can be taken to ensure safety. According to Line Superintendent Tim Ver Meer, in the event of flooding, its important to watch for downed or low-hanging wires.

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