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4/20/2019DeKalb County News
DeKalb Mayor: $2.5 TIF request for St. Mary's building probably dead in the water. Police & fire recognize DeKalb County telecommunicators. DeKalb... more >>
4/19/2019DeKalb County News
DeKalb city manager recommends rejecting $2.5M in funds for St. Mary's project. St. Mary's developer says federal lawsuit is planned. Eight... more >>
4/18/2019DeKalb County News
Peace Road & Route 64 intersection, Plank Road getting safety upgrades. Passers-by pull person from burning car following crash... more >>
4/17/2019DeKalb County News
Alfredo's owner charged with harboring people who entered US illegally. DeKalb School District putting $13M toward paying down... more >>
4/16/2019DeKalb County News
Sycamore approves balanced budget. Two Kirkland men injured wehn pick-up truck goes off road, lands on top. DeKalb firefighters... more >>
4/15/2019DeKalb County News
Spring snow sent cars off the road across DeKalb County. Downtown DeKalb bar receives TIF funding for expansion, planning outdoor... more >>
4/13/2019DeKalb County News
New Agency Aims To Provide Social Services At University Village Apartment Complex Postal Vehicle Crash Includes Four Vehicles... more >>
4/12/2019DeKalb County News
Man dies when trees apparently fell on him. DeKalb woman in critical condition after being struck by car walking crossing street.... more >>
4/11/2019DeKalb County News
DeKalb reserve funds beefed up after layoffs but projected to plunge without more changes. Fund established to support daughter... more >>
4/10/2019DeKalb County News
Cortland man charged with attempted murder in weekend stabbing. Sycamore School Board planning on bringing in past district administrator... more >>
4/9/2019DeKalb County News
Less weapons offenses, gang incidents part of DeKalb crime drop. Several field fires reported yesterday. First administrator... more >>
4/8/2019DeKalb County News
Police: Father stabbed by son in Cortland. DeKalb Police investigating armed robbery. Sycamore fire chief gets contract extension. Waterman... more >>
4/6/2019DeKalb County News
Lisa Freeman Formally Installed As The 13th President Of Northern Illinois University Safe Passage Hosting The Walk A Mile In... more >>
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