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12/3/2019DeKalb County News
Sycamore closer to levy that's expect to keep payments flat. DeKalb man charged with string of car burglaries. DeKalb County... more >>
12/2/2019DeKalb County News
DeKalb School District students may get all of Thanksgiving week off next year. Battery charge recommended against KEC student... more >>
11/30/2019DeKalb County News
DeKalb putting max tax on marijuana sales. DeKalb Fire Department 150th anniversary marked on Illinois House floor. Leland... more >>
11/29/2019DeKalb County News
The gas tax will be going up in DeKalb so the city can do more road repairs and vehicle replacements. High school football fans... more >>
11/28/2019DeKalb County News
KEC dean faces battery charge for alleged altercation with student. Fire causes $20,000 in damage to Sycamore home. Sycamore... more >>
11/27/2019DeKalb County News
Winds expected to hit 60 mph in DeKalb County during high wind warning. Sycamore School District setting goals to boost SAT scores. Marijuana... more >>
11/26/2019DeKalb County News
DeKalb officials defend financial procedures after city clerk raises concerns. Car takes out lamp posts, trees, bike racks in... more >>
11/25/2019DeKalb County News
Property taxes in Sycamore expected to remain flat under favored levy. DeKalb leaf vacuums may run longer than scheduled. DeKalb... more >>
11/23/2019DeKalb County News
DeKalb County budget balanced, but homeowners will likely pay more in taxes next year. DeKalb County community blows away goal... more >>
11/22/2019DeKalb County News
Suter Company head talks new products, happy employees at DCEDC meeting. Volunteers need to make good impression on football fans... more >>
11/21/2019DeKalb County News
Marijuana sales rules for rural DeKalb County won't be ready by Jan. 1. DeKalb School Board united against allowing armed teachers,... more >>
11/20/2019DeKalb County News
DeKalb School Board split on ICE resolution. DeKalb County Feed My Starving Children event beats goals. DeKalb man charged... more >>
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