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7/2/2020DeKalb County News
DeKalb County budget has already taken nearly $500K from COVID-19. COVID-19 cases connected to Sandwich long-term care facility... more >>
7/1/2020DeKalb County News
Sandwich Fair canceled for the first time in its 133-year history. Barry Schrader, DeKalb County newspaper editor and columnist,... more >>
6/30/2020DeKalb County News
Facebook building data center in DeKalb. DeKalb city leaders hope link with Facebook brings partnerships, more tech companies. Seven... more >>
6/29/2020DeKalb County News
Hampshire man charged in DeKalb shooting. Friday's storms brought down trees in Sycamore, Genoa. Former Sandwich man accused... more >>
6/27/2020DeKalb County News
DeKalb's Joint Review Board debating if city should have to payback TIF funds spent on salaries. Just one new COVID-19 case reported... more >>
6/26/2020DeKalb County News
DeKalb County race relations forum participants push for action. Park being planned for northwest DeKalb after condemned building's... more >>
6/25/2020DeKalb County News
DeKalb County Board committee recommends allowing gun club members to train with police at night. Demolition looks likely as DeKalb... more >>
6/24/2020DeKalb County News
Sycamore School Board reviewing reopening guidelines after governor allows fall in-person classes. Kishwaukee College will remain... more >>
6/23/2020DeKalb County News
DeKalb town hall speakers: More than policing reforms needed for racial equality. 11 new COVID-19 cases reported in DeKalb County... more >>
6/22/2020DeKalb County News
DeKalb School District students want more Black history in curriculum. Vote-by-mail applications head to all DeKalb County registered... more >>
6/20/2020DeKalb County News
DeKalb mayor feels 'stronger' after meeting with those upset over town hall remarks. Two more COVID-19 deaths reported in DeKalb... more >>
6/19/2020DeKalb County News
Demands for improving policing, race relations laid at Black Lives Matter town hall in DeKalb. DeKalb mayor's remarks upset audience... more >>
6/18/2020DeKalb County News
Hopkins Park bandshell sprayed with graffiti before Black Lives Matter town hall; already clean-up. Elected officials invited... more >>
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