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3/22/2019Investigators Still Searching for Missing Plumas County Man
It's been four months since 21-year-old Dominic Potts went missing. Plumas County Sheriff deputies say Potts was last seen at... more >>
3/22/2019State Issues Nearly $2 Million in Grants to Build Local Capacity to Protect and Restore State Forest
Eight organizations have received $1.85 million in grants to hire watershed coordinators who will build local capacity to improve... more >>
3/22/2019Westwood Stabbing Suspect Sentenced
Around March 2nd, Calvin Errol Kinnee got of of his vehicle in the Westwood area and attacked an individual with a knife, stabbing... more >>
3/22/2019California still needs 1.4 million more affordable units
Despite recent laws and new funding to boost housing construction, California still needs 1.4 million more affordable rental units,... more >>
3/22/2019No more plastics in CA?
As President Donald Trump eases federal regulations aimed at protecting the environment, California Democrats are moving in the opposite... more >>
3/22/2019If Trump wants to get on Californias 2020 ballot, he might need to release his tax returns
For the second time in three years, a California Democrat is trying to force President Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Under... more >>
3/21/2019Congressman LaMalfa announces additional FEMA funding for Camp Fire recovery
Wednesday, Congressman Doug LaMalfa announced FEMA has awarded an additional $1,148,738.77 in federal funding for Camp Fire recovery... more >>
3/21/2019Reno police officer stable after shooting
A veteran Reno police officer who was seriously wounded during an officer-involved shooting is reported in stable condition but there's... more >>
3/21/2019California governor wants $10 fee to clean up tainted water
Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to charge California water customers up to $10 per month to help clean up contaminated water in low-income... more >>
3/21/2019Big city mayors seek more money to fight homelessness
(AP) Gov. Gavin Newsom and Californias big city mayors are pushing for more money to help the homeless, on top of the $500 million... more >>
3/21/2019California drought-free for 1st time since 2011
The National Drought Mitigation Center says California is free of drought for the first time since Dec. 20, 2011. The center at... more >>
3/20/2019Winds Drive Brush Fire Near Gold Run Rd Tuesday
Multiple agencies responded late Tuesday morning to reports of a fire near Gold Run Rd in Susanville. According to authorities... more >>
3/20/2019Highway 70 work continues in Feather River Canyon
On Tuesday, operations took place successfully with the use of a helicopter for fence and slope work in the Feather River Canyon.... more >>
3/20/2019How to use landscaping to make your home more fire-safe
According to Cal Fire, there are certain plants and methods that can be used to strategically landscape a house with added fire safety... more >>
3/20/2019California National Guard to leave border, help stop fires
(AP) California is calling in the National Guard for the first time to help protect communities from wildfires like the one that... more >>
3/20/2019Environmentalists oppose off-roading near CA-NV sage grouse
Conservationists want a federal judge to allow them to join a legal battle over a type of sage grouse found only along the California-Nevada... more >>
3/20/2019One Dead, One Arrested After Suspected Arson Fire in Blairsden
On Thursday, just before 7am, PCSO Dispatch Center received a call of a fully involved structure fire on Mohawk Vista Drive in Blairsden... more >>
3/19/2019$150,000 distributed for Camp Fire relief Tuesday bringing total to almost $2.9 million
The North Valley Community Foundation announced Tuesday they had released over $150,000 in grants for Camp Fire relief. This brings... more >>
3/19/2019SAC Gets Behind SPD Canine Program
PRESS RELEASE from Kevin Jones: Susanville Auto Centers General Manager, Chris Johnson, announced their organizations gracious... more >>
3/19/2019Emergency Line Repair Shuts Down Power in Westwood Monday
Just before noon on Monday, Lassen Municipal Utility District alerted customers that power was down in Westwood. According to... more >>
3/19/2019AP finds hot records falling twice as often as cold ones
(AP) A new Associated Press data analysis shows that over the past 20 years, Americans have been twice as likely to sweat through... more >>
3/19/2019Wintry Weather Returns This Week
More winter weather is headed for the Sierra after a brief spring-like reprieve. The National Weather Service says a wintery storm... more >>
3/18/2019Nunes sues Twitter, users for defamation and negligence
Republican Rep. Devin Nunes (NOO'-nehs) of California is suing Twitter and several of its users for more than $250 million, accusing... more >>
Tuesday, March 19 through Friday, March 22 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The roadway will be open to traffic from noon... more >>
3/18/2019Jason Donalies (36) Arrested for Vandalism in Standish
While Lassen County Sheriffs Deputies were out in the Standish area on Wednesday of last week conducting a probation search, they... more >>
3/18/2019Paradise fire cleanup to resume after weather improves
State officials say debris removal on Northern California hills scarred by a deadly wildfire will resume this week after being suspended... more >>
3/18/2019Moving Forward After Devastating Wildfires
During a joint hearing between the Senate Natural Resources and Water and the Governance and Finance committees on Wednesday, fire... more >>
3/18/2019Voters Say NO But Democrats Taking Another Look at Rent Control
A group of Assembly Democrats introduced a bundle of housing bills on Thursday, signaling to Gavin Newsom that they were ready to... more >>
 Stolen Plumas County CAT Loader Recovered
UPDATE: According to the Plumas County Sheriffs Office, The stolen Plumas County Public Works loader was recovered, unoccupied,... more >>
3/15/2019Highway 70 work continues in Feather River Canyon
If you're traveling in Plumas county, please take note of the additional time needed to safely wend your way through the Feather... more >>
3/15/2019Lassen National Forest Hires New PAO
The Lassen National Forest Service (Lassen) has hired Mark Gaston to be the organizations newest Public Affairs Officer. Mark... more >>
3/15/2019Environmental group questions dozers use to fight wildfires
An environmentalist group is questioning the use of bulldozers to fight major wildfires, saying theyre ineffective and leave lasting... more >>
 Monthly Snow Survey Shows Historic Water Content in Snowfall in February
According to data from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, February 2019 was the second wettest February in the last 110... more >>
3/14/2019Cities will lose gas tax money if they dont meet housing goals says Gov Newsom
California cities that arent making plans to build affordable housing could lose money for roads starting in 2023, if Gov. Gavin... more >>
3/14/2019World Nearly Ends as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Go Down Wednesday
Facebook says it is aware of outages on its platforms including Facebook, Messenger and Instagram and is working to resolve the issue. According... more >>
3/14/2019Reno Rejects Electric Bike and Scooter Company Request for Extended Pilot Program
At a Reno City Council meeting on Wednesday, officials rejected a staff recommendation to extend the pilot period for Lime. In... more >>
3/14/2019California lawmaker pleads not guilty to child cruelty
A California state lawmaker has pleaded not guilty to child cruelty involving his 7-year-old daughter. The Fresno Bee says attorneys... more >>
3/13/2019Lassen County to Upgrade Firewall Security
After a recent county IT hacking incident, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors moved forward Tuesday with a proposal from Palo... more >>
3/13/2019Cold Temps Equal High Energy Bills With Space Heaters
Baby it's been cold outside and energy bills have been climbing here in NE CA. Those using electric space heaters to keep warm... more >>
3/13/2019California Lawmaker Accused of Child Cruelty
California prosecutors are charging a member of the state Assembly with misdemeanor cruelty to a child, which carries a maximum sentence... more >>
3/13/2019California governor halts execution of 737 condemned inmates
California Gov. Gavin Newsom is halting the execution of more than 700 condemned inmates on the nations largest death row for at... more >>
3/12/2019SR 70 Camp Fire Traffic Update
This week there will be multiple Lane Closures(2-3) on Highway 70 between Post MIles 35 through 48 for culvert replacement, rock... more >>
3/12/2019A proposed $10,000 deduction tries to inspire Californians to save for college
Saving money wont have to be its own reward if the California Legislature passes a bill offering a state tax deduction to families... more >>
3/12/2019Californias marijuana industry needs an intervention to avoid an extinction event
Once, the cannabis industry was poised to become a multibillion-dollar industry in California. Now, it could be heading for what... more >>
3/12/2019Portola Railroad Days May be Numbered
The Portola City Council has continued it's discussion on ending the famous Railroad Days event in Portola. According to staff,... more >>
3/12/2019California tops 20 million registered voters
More than 20 million Californians are now registered to vote. Thats according to data from Secretary of State Alex Padilla released... more >>
3/12/2019Gray Wolves to Lose Protections in U.S.; Wildlife Advocates Say It's Premature
United States wildlife officials announced plans to end protections for gray wolves in the Lower 48 states, a decision that's expected... more >>
 Survey for the Lake Almanor-Westwood trails announced
A local coalition of trail enthusiasts from Plumas and Lassen counties in northeastern California is developing a regional trails... more >>
3/12/2019Are you interested in a career in Law Enforcement?
The Lassen County Sheriffs office is currently hiring for the position of Deputy Sheriff Recruit. Get paid salary, housing, and... more >>
 Skyline Extension Construction Underway
You may have seen some construction activity at the junction of Johnstonville Rd and Skyline here in Susanville. Crews are doing... more >>
3/11/2019Paradise fire cleanup on hold due to unstable slopes
State officials have halted debris removal on Northern California hills scarred by a deadly wildfire because of rain-saturated, unstable... more >>
3/11/2019Ticking Away the Moments that Make Up a Dull Day
One less hour (of sleep) isnt the end of the world, but you may be a bit sleepier for the next few mornings. Time to abide by... more >>
3/11/2019Average US price of gas jumps 6 cents per gallon, to $2.50
The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline is up 6 cents a gallon (3.8 liters) over the past two weeks, to $2.50. Industry... more >>
3/10/2019Bands Play in Chico to Raise Money for Musicians Hit by Camp Fire.
A benefit to help musicians who lost their instruments and equipment in the Camp Fire was held on Saturday from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m.... more >>
3/10/2019California unemployment rate slightly increases
Californias unemployment rate rose to 4.2 percent in January, an increase from a revised rate of 4.1 percent the previous month. The... more >>
3/8/2019Camp Fire Brings Increased Crime to Chico Say Authorities
There has been a 19 percent increase in aggravated assaults since the Camp Fire, according to Chico City Manager Mark Orme, who added... more >>
3/8/2019CA Pioneer Peter Lassen Gets Children's Book Biography
Retired librarian Nancy Leek of Chico continues her series of Golden State Biographies for children with the story of one of John... more >>
3/8/2019California bill would seal 8 million criminal convictions
A Northern California lawmaker and district attorney are seeking to automatically clear some 8 million criminal convictions eligible... more >>
3/8/2019Rain brings 2nd California super bloom in 2 years
California is experiencing its second super bloom in two years as a wave of rain-fed bright purple, yellow, and orange wildflowers... more >>
3/8/2019California sues to block new federal abortion restrictions
Californias attorney general and other Democratic lawmakers are seeking to overturn new obstacles the Trump administration set up... more >>
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