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Eastern Shore Radio, Inc.


PO Box 460
Onley, VA 23417

Voice: 757 787 3200
Fax: 757 787 3819


WESR is the Eastern Shore's only locally owned and operated radio station. Providing daily local news, weather, events, birthdays and many other services, WESR has served the communities of the Eastern Shore for more than 50 years.

WESR was founded in 1958 by Brooks Russell and Vernon Baker as an AM station. In 1968, WESR acquired an FM frequency and began broadcasting on both AM and FM. Russell and Baker sold WESR AM - FM to Charles Russell and two partners in 1987. In 2004 Charles Russell and his wife, Nancy, became the sole owners and operators.

WESR also has a long history of sports coverage on the Eastern Shore. We continue a 40 year tradition each and every year in broadcasting high school football games. We also cover state tournament action in all sports.

WESR prides itself in providing ways and means to effectively and affordably grow small businesses here on the Eastern Shore. Through our stations and our website, we continue to strive to help businesses reach their customers and bring growth and posterity to the area.
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