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Brush Monster-Kemp Melton

5803 Smith Town Rd
Marshville, NC 28103

Voice: 704-507-1099


The Brush Monster mulches small trees, honey suckle vines, brush, briers; anything up to 8 inches in diameter. It's a green friendly way of preparing land. Also avoids soil erosion, provides beneficial mulch for the soil, and is environmentally safe and is very effective in the prevention of forest fires. The finished product is a nutrient rich mulch ground covering. In simple terms the Brush Monster provides an environmentally friendly process for brush clearing.

Our green friendly way of preparing land is appropriate for home owners, residential developments, parks and recreation, and walking trails. It has also been very effective in the construction of shooting lanes, wildlife food plots and habitats for deer and wild turkey.

Services Include:


Removal of unproductive trees, brush, and thickets
Improved visibility
Increased Property Value
Turn unusable land into usable, productive land
Cut walking trails, riding trails, and farm access roads


Reclaim unproductive areas for field and pasture use
Widening of field access roads
Reclaim overgrown field edges to increase usable land area
Fence row clearing and maintenance


Wild fire fuel reduction
Pre-survey thinning/clearing
Post-logging cleanup
Selective thinning


Pre-development site clearing
Building site access roads
Right of way maintenance
Utility easements
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