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5/28/2014 - Airport Nears Completion of Fuel System - Click here to print this information

The Airport board met Tuesday night where they discussed the nearing completion of their new Jet A Fuel system. Airport Manager, Jerry Scheidler, reported that he expects technicians from the company Fuel Tech to arrive next week to complete the installation of the new system.
WTRE spoke with Jerry Scheidler.


The fuel system should be up and running by the second week of June.

BF&S engineer Don Manley reported to the board that he had conducted a field investigation on the cracks that appeared in the runway after this harsh winter. At the April meeting, airport manager Jerry Scheidler had brought these cracks to the attention of the board, and after some discussion the board agreed to look into having these cracks repaired later this year. However, Don Manleys investigation found the cracks to be not severe enough to cause concern at this point in time, passing out literature to the board which stated that cracks smaller in 3/8 are not substantial enough to warrant sealing. Don Manley stated he observed 640 ft. of cracks less than 1/8 and 80 ft. of cracks that were of an inch wide. Mr. Manley pointed out that a small patch of sealing had been done on one location of the runway by the asphalt company OMara, a job of which he was not impressed.

Don Manley also received permission from the board to continue pursuing grant funding for the reimbursement of legal fees for a previous land acquisition as well as for the taxi-way overlay project. As part of this taxi-way overlay project he suggested the board quote as an alternate the possibility of using an infrared heating process to rebind the asphalt as opposed to doing the traditional method of milling down one inch of asphalt and laying down two new inches. Under this infrared heating method, the asphalt will be chewed up, reheated, rejuvenated, rebound, and then resurfaced, with one half to a full inch of new asphalt being placed on top of the surface to make it look better cosmetically. Mr. Manley reported this method has been in use as early as 1983 and looks very good as an option to save the airport money. The board agreed to continue investigating this option.

For WTRE this was Dustin White

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