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4/29/2014 - Airport Board Accepts Settlement on Hanger and Reviews Fuel System Installation - Click here to print this information

The Airport Board met Monday evening at City Hall where they reviewed the status of the new fuel system installation, discussed the sealing of the runway and agreed to accept a settlement offer from the Don & Barb Horan estate.

WTRE radio spoke with Airport board president Dr. Jon Dooley about the hanger settlement


The $30,000 settlement will cover half the total cost of the original contact agreement for the hanger. The agreement also releases the Airport from any wrongful death litigation.
It was reported that the old Jet-A fuel tank had been removed as agreed upon at the last meeting. The fuel tank and remaining fuel was deemed to have no salvage value, and was given to the Foggs upon signing a release of liability. The new Jet-A fuel tank is now sitting on site and the airport is currently waiting for the purchase and installation of a new three phase power supply and emergency kill switch for the pumping station. They currently have no firm date on when the fuel system will be up and running.

It was brought to the attention of the board that due to the bad weather this winter, cracks have begun to appear on the runway ranging in size from hairline to quarter of an inch, despite the pavement only being a year and a half old. BF&S engineer Don Manly suggested that the board wait and see what the runway looks like in the fall to determine if sealing is needed as sealing isnt normally done on any crack less than a quarter of an inch in size. Board member Oris Reece moved to make the decision to seal this September, as the runway is a long term investment that needs to be protected. Don Whipple seconded the motion and the board agreed to get bids this summer to seal the runway.

Board Member Bill Ernst asked to have a release of liability drawn up for the use of his mini-excavator on the airport property. Bill has let the airport borrow his mini-excavator free of charge in the past as well as a bushog mower. The board decided it would be more appropriate to rent the mini-excavator, and agreed to pay Mr. Ernst $10 and grant a release of liability.

For WTRE this was Dustin White

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