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6/25/2013 - Airport Board Reviews Quotes For Hanger Repairs - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Airport Commission met last night in City Hall where they discussed the progress on their environmental application as well as repairs on two buildings.

Andrew Maksymovicth of Butler, Fairmen and Suefert informed the commission that due to the recent government sequester the Environmental Assessment submitted for the airport expansion is still sitting in Chicago without any new developments. One thing that has changed however is the need for some additional work and information for the required public hearings. This work is outside of the scope that was originally set back in 2001 when the process was started. The cost of this additional work will be covered with funds from the original grant and the local share will amount to $600 to continue with the process under the new guidelines.

Andrew also informed the Commission that it was time for a warranty inspection on the airports runway that was paved last year.

The Commission reviewed quotes for repairs on two buildings at the airport. These were quotes and not bids as they were not advertised.

WTRE spoke with Dr. Jon Dooley about the building repairs.

(audio clip)

The Commission elected to go with Elsners quote to replace the metal roof on hanger F for five thousand dollars. This was the lower of the two quotes the airport received. The repair work on building A was tabled however as the Commission wanted to clarify the scope of the work they were asking the contractors to preform to ensure the quotes were as identical as possible. This was necessary as the quotes for the building A repairs had a range of over four thousand dollars difference between the high and low quotes.

The Airports new website is now up and running and can be accessed from the city of Greensburgs website. The Commission plans to continue updating the site with more information in the near future.

For WTRE this was Dustin White

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