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5/11/2013 - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Click here to print this information

The building at 217 East Main owned by Rick Pleak and once a part of Pleaks Hardware in downtown Greensburg, most recently the location for Smiths Martial Arts, was demolished in the middle of the night. WTRE news talked with Greensburg Fire Chief Scott Chasteen at the scene Friday night. Chasteen said that the building owner had been making plans to demolish the building, but a rapid deterioration of the building - bricks falling from the front east corner of the building, expedited the process.

The first piece of the building was removed at 11:50 last night. Crews wrapped up at
4:30 this morning. There is still work to be done at the site. During the demolition phase near the electrical lines, they did end up turning off the power in the 200 block which also impacted businesses and residents along at least a three block area. In talking with Chief Chasteen, its not believed that was part of the initial plan - that the surrounding area be impacted with an electrical outage.

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