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10/16/2020 - Greensburg Redevelopment Commission - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Redevelopment Commission met on Thursday.

City Engineer Ron May gave an update on Veterans Way phase 2 project status. The contractor has started work and much of the clearing is done. They are rebuilding a part of Broadway that connects up to the project. They are most likely starting the project on the west end. There was also an update on the Indiana Department of Health bicycle and pedestrian master plan. They have not heard anything further from them but everything is in place.

Wing Lau with American Structurepoint gave a presentation of the ranked projects and opinion of probable project costs. On the roadway side of things there are a total of 22 projects ranked. 6 of those 22 projects ranked more than 60 points making them more important to focus on. If they were to do all 22 projects it would cost around $110 million, which is also a reason they should focus on the 6 highest ranking. On the trail side there was a total of 8 projects ranked. If they were to do all 8 trails it would cost around $29 million. They are continuing to work with Ron May to fine tune the list of projects and are looking to finalize the list by the first week of November.

Barnes and Thornburg LLP presented the housing TIF project declaratory resolution. This would be to remove an area from an already existing allocation area and designating it a residential housing allocation area instead. The board would then be able to take the revenue made from that area and use it for infrastructure. The resolution would be towards the first step of the residential allocation area. Resolution 2020-26 was approved.

Reedy Financial Group presented the municipal advisor engagement. They are required to disclose all conflicts of interest when giving municipal advice and this would also give them the ability to study municipal bonds. This shows that they represent the Redevelopment Commission as well. This was approved.

The claims totaling in $25,100.44 were approved.

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