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10/6/2020 - Greensburg City Council - Click here to print this information

Greensburg City Council met on Monday.

City Clerk Treasurer Brenda Dwenger was not present, however Mayor Josh Marsh presented her topics. Ordinance 2020-15 to amend salary ordinance sections 1 and 2 for an additional pay week was approved. Ordinance 2020-16 to amend utilities salary ordinance sections 1 and 2 for an additional pay week was approved. Ordinance 2020-17 for an additional appropriation for an additional pay week was approved.

City Engineer Ron May presented to the board parking restrictions. There were letters sent out to the property owners of the streets and several residents were present at the meeting to speak. Todd Miller works for the street department and says trash trucks can barely fit down the road and snow plowing in the winter is horrendous. Miller is also a resident of Gaston Drive and can barely fit his regular truck down the road. He would like to see both sides of the road closed to parking. Jessie Filler lives on 14th Street and wants no parking there. Miranda Casarez lives on 15th street on the corner of Brandt Street and would also like to see no parking. This is because she can barely fit her car down the road and there is constant revving of engines all hours of the night. Ordinance 2020-24 a parking restriction on Brandt Street and 14th Street was approved. There was an amendment to 2020-25 a parking restriction on Gaston Drive and Carver Street to make it no parking on both sides of the road which was approved.

Mayor Josh Marsh presented his items to the council. Ordinance 2020-18 for 2021 Elected Officials salary was approved. Ordinance 2020-19 for 2021 city employee salary ordinance was approved. Ordinance 2020-21 for 2021 utilities salary ordinance was approved. Ordinance 2020-22 for city of Greensburg 2021 budget was approved. Ordinance 2020-23 for Greensburg community school corporation 2021 budget was approved.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges and Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer presented their Wellness policies for their departments. Together they sat down and talked about physical and mental abilities in their departments and how they can improve them. The fire department already has a physical agility test and now the police department will be adding a test that will occur once or twice a year. It will include an agility course that officers will run in full gear. There will be a fit for duty test that officers will be able to take that will work on a point system where officers can earn points by passing physical exams and taking care of their mental health. They would like to incorporate a mental health program that is readily available for both officers and firemen. The fire department is running on a level system of 1-5 where if a fireman is less than three they do more training and if they are above a three they get rewarded. They have also brought in a nutritionist to help with their diets. The board of works had tabled this at the prior meeting. The council believed this was a great program the two of them had come up with and look forward to seeing in in action once approved.

Washington Township Trustee Christian Rust presented the new fire contract with bond language in articles 6 and 7. The bond would be a 6 year bond to help pay for the 2 fire trucks that the township has already purchased for the GFD. They technically have enough money to pay for the trucks out of their own account, however they would like to keep some of their cash balance on hand. Both city and Washington township would pay a tax on this and the price would be dependent on how much each property is. There was a motion to strike articles 6 and 7 from the fire service contract. This was approved. This will be brought back before the board of works at the special meeting on October 12 with the articles struck out.

Tom Hunter was present for resolution 2020-20 for the Greensburg Community School corporation bond. This would be to replace the $4 million bond with a slight decrease to a $3.7 million bond. This was approved. Resolution 2020-23 to establish an economic development target area was approved. Resolution 2020-22 regarding the proposed city hall lease was approved.

City Wide Trick-or-Treat hours for Halloween night will be from 3-7. Remember to social distance and leave a porch light on if you want trick-or-treaters. If a house doesnt have a porch light on they probably dont have candy, just ghosts.

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