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9/9/2020 - Greensburg Board of Works - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Board of Works met on Tuesday.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges came to the board requesting to use Lexipol law enforcement policy database. A few years ago the Fire Dept. changes policies through lexipol and at the time the Police Dept. couldnt afford to. However they have been given discounts to lower the price from $31,000 to $14,000. They will help write the first 36 policies. There will also be some new rules in place including officers having to read the policies and then take a test to prove that they did so. This will be brought to city council if approved by the BOW. This was approved.

Clerk Treasurer Brenda Dwenger requested a draw request for the OCRA Grant. They have paid the final $53,000 to help the community. This request is to draw the rest out and approve the Mayor signing. This was approved.

Mayor Josh Marsh invited the BOW to the City Council meeting later that night to hear the presentation of DLZ, which is the architecture firm doing the remodeling for City Hall. All claims were approved.

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