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9/9/2020 - Greensburg City Council - Click here to print this information

Greensburg City Council met on Tuesday.

Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper presented ordinance 2020-5 an additional appropriation for First Street. Second reading was approved. 2020-6 to amend garbage and trash for the city of Greensburg second reading was approved. Clerk-Treasurer Brenda Dwenger presented ordinance 2020-7 to amend 2013-3 for definitions and establishing remedies for public nuisances and unkempt properties. Second reading was approved. City engineer Ron May presented ordinance 2020-10 a revision to the intersection control for Fourth St. and Ireland St. This would make Fourth St a through street. This was approved. May also presented 2020-11 a revision to intersection control of Davidson St. and Warren St. This would make Davidson a through Street. This was approved. Ordinance 2020-13 fire pit ordinance, second reading was approved.

Bryan Robbins from Greensburg/Decatur County EDC presented Project Blast, requesting a Honda Tax abatement. This would be for $110 million, with $6 million being in real estate and $104 million in personnel. The $110 million is comprised of several investments over the next three years. This is to improve productivity at the plant, expand, and have new production technology. It would also hire 20 new employees. This would be for a 10 year abatement. Resolutions 2020-17 and 2020-18 were approved. Robbins also presented the Pizza Craft tax abatement. The last meeting awarded pizza craft a 7 year abatement, however the owner feels as though a 10 year would be better and is requesting it yet again. A ten year tax abatement was approved.

DLZ Architecture and Engineering gave a City Hall Renovation Update. The overall scope of things is that they are renovating the entire building including mechanical system replacement, electrical system upgrades, roof replaced, and minimal site development. They are also hoping to get some things like UV lights at each fan coil for sanitizing air supply, through the CARES Act. Some of the mechanical items include removing ventilators and removing/replacing boilers, chillers, and pumps. Plumbing items include moving the water service entrance from the front of the building to the mechanical room, provide water softener, and make fixtures in the North restroom adult height. Electrical items include providing a complete wireless system, replacing the existing fire control, and replacing the AV system. General items include painted walls and new finishes. The hard probable construction costs will be a total base bid of $3,960,000. This will be a a single unified bid of multiple contractors. There is a 10% design allowance included in probable cost. Requested approval to continue on with the process and publish for bids. This was approved.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges requested the boards approval to purchase lexipol law enforcement policy database. The Board of Works approved of this at the prior meeting. This was approved.

Clerk Treasurer Brenda Dwenger presented 2020-15 to amend salary ordinance sections 1&2 for additional pay week for city only. This was approved. 2020-16 to amend utilities salary ordinance sections 1&2 for additional pay week was approved. Ordinance 2020-17 for an additional appropriation for additional pay week was approved.

City Engineer Ron May presented ordinance 2020-24 for a parking restriction on Brandt St and Fourteenth St. This was approved. Ordinance 2020-25 for a parking restriction on Gaston Drive and Carver St. was approved.

Mayor Josh Marsh presented ordinance 2020-20 to amend Plan Commission meeting frequency. This has been changed to they only need to have meetings when necessary. This was approved. Ordinance 2020-18 for 2021 elected officials salary was approved. Ordinance 2020-19 City Employee salary ordinance was approved to continue a weekly payroll. Ordinance 2020-21 utilities salary ordinance was approved to continue a weekly payroll. 2020-22 city of Greensburg 2021 Budget, was approved. 2020-23 Greensburg Community School Corporation 2021 budget was approved.

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