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8/19/2020 - Greensburg Water Board - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Water Board met on Tuesday.

Rick Denny came to the board about the generator transfer switch discussed at the last meeting. Denny had someone from Wilhelm Construction come and show how to switch it back manually. This means they no longer need to spend the money to get it changed.

Darren Burkhart gave an HNTB update on the new surface water treatment plant. A head wall has been installed for the storm sewer. The electrician had the last of the duct banks installed and has started setting the panels in the electrical room. The bridge had been set in clarifier 2 and the equipment will be delivered for clarifier 1 this week. Painters have been in areas 8 and 4 and the plumbers are mainly in area 4 as well.

There was discussion on the Covid 19 past due payment plan. The governor had put a moratorium on utilities being shut off back in March, however this ended last week. The city is now reaching out to those who still need to pay and a letter has been sent out this week to alert them.

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