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6/2/2020 - Greensburg Board of Works Monday night meeting - Click here to print this information

Greensburg Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer presented the updated job descriptions for Fire Chief and Fire inspector to the board. Chief Stoermer wants to add more educational requirements to the job description to bring the standard up. The board felt as though a bachelors degree, which is what he was suggesting, was too high of a standard to ask for. However, other members of the board felt as though it was imperative to have skilled leaders to aspire to be better than ourselves. There was an agreement to lower the educational requirements to an associates degree for the time being. The motion to approve the Fire Inspector Was approved. The motion to table the Fire Chief was approved. Chief Stoermer also asked for the boards permission to sell surplus equipment (self contained breathing apparatus). The board approved.

Clerk-Treasurer Brenda Dwenger gave an update on county tax disbursement. The settlement proposed has been approved by the state. The total deficit is $320,618.98 from last year, with the estimate having been 10% but the reality being only 8.9% showing they are better off than had been projected.

City Engineer Ron May opened bids for the City of Greensburg Community Crossing Matching Grant project 2020-1. The first was a complete bid from Dave OMara Contractor Inc. for $436,492.65. The second was a complete bid from Globe Asphalt for $437,811.30. The third was a complete bid from All Star Paving for $498,526.20. The fourth was a complete bid from Milestone Contractors for $486,733.60. The final bid was a complete bid from Rowe Asphalt for $550,421.90. The board approved the bid from Dave OMara Contractor Inc.. May also asked the board to enter an agreement to Renovate City Hall. Both the Mayor and Ron May have been discussing issues within the building and this plan has been in the works. The prime motivator for the renovation is the HVAC system which was last updated in 1997. They would like to also work on the roof, tech within the building, audio systems, improvement of the space use in gym, and the back parking lot. The motion to enter an agreement with DLZ for architectural and engineering services was approved. The board also approved the disposal of the City Engineers vehicle.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges gave an update on the WatchGuard. With the new upgrades 8 cameras are capable of downloading at a time and they plan to have 2 docking stations. This is compared to the one camera that can download at a time currently. The systems will be upgraded for capacity and general usage to improve. The motion to approve these upgrades was approved. Chief Bridges also requested an amendment to the facial hair policy. The hair would be no longer than 1/2 an inch and will be well groomed. Those who choose to grow a beard will be able to donate to a different charity each month if they so choose as almost a trade off for the beard. This was approved by the board.

Wastewater Plant Superintendent Jeff Smith requested a tentative bid award to C&H/M Excavating for $829,517 which was approved. Smith also requested approval on Resolution 2020-9 which gives the Mayor authority to sign SRF paperwork, which was approved. There was also an approval of an award contract to ARA to ensure the contractor is paying proper wages. Lastly, there was an amendment to addendum 2 for an increase of roughly $6,000 which was approved.

City Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper requested the purchase of a replacement flatbed truck. 3 quotes from 3 local dealers were received, with Acra Automotive being chosen for $37,199. The board approved this purchase.

Mayor Joshua Marsh gave the board information. City Hall with reopen June 15th with social distancing standards in mind. The $250,000 from OCRA has been turned from a loan to a grant in order to give directly to small businesses. The CARES Act Covid-19 Expense Reimbursement was explained. $386,600 had been a awarded to Greensburg to buy Covid related items to be reimbursed. The street sign on the corner of Main and Lincoln was gifted by the Rotary Club. Devoted2Decatur County has been extremely successful. There was a huge thanks to the Street Department for all that they did during big trash.

The claims were approved.

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