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6/2/2020 - Greensburg City Council Monday night meeting - Click here to print this information

Mayor Joshua Marsh gave an update on the fire pit ordinance 2020-4. The council felt as though the ordinance needed to be thoroughly read with changed made. The motion to table the decision was approved.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges came to the board for the second approval for Dave Wilsons payout from the Public safety fund, ordinance 2020-3. The board approved. Chief Bridges gave an update on the WatchGuard. With the new upgrades 8 cameras are capable of downloading at a time and they plan to have 2 docking stations. This is compared to the one camera that can download at a time currently. The systems will be upgraded for capacity and general usage to improve. The council approved the update.

Clerk-Treasurer Brenda Dwenger gave an update on county tax disbursement. The settlement proposed has been approved by the state. The total deficit is $320,618.98 from last year, with the estimate having been 10% but the reality being only 8.9% showing they are better off than had been projected.

Public safety IT Josh Tressler explained to the council a Dell 3 year lease for updating the core infrastructures that maintain public safety. This is for both the city and the county. The funding for this project will come from different public safety funds of departments. It will cost $186,000 over the 3 years and the county commits for 50% and the city the other 50%. This project will include computer, dispatch, and networking between buildings updated. The board approved the continuation of the project. Tressler also have a projects update. Day to day projects have been trickier to fix compared to the long term projects. Command staff and department heads are now the only ones allowed to submit tickets due to the large amount that were being submitted. Smaller projects are trying to be completed within 48 hours if possible.

Washington Township Trustee Christian Rust approached the council asking if they were interested in getting rid of 112 S Franklin. This is a city owned property. Rust plans to use this space as an office for the trustees. There was a motion to give the building to the Washington Township Trustee which was approved.

Tara Hagan from ARA approached the council with a resolution to authorize the submittal of Covid-19 immediate response grant application to Indiana OCRA, 2020-11, which was approved. The council also approved an ARA contract with the city to performance grant administration tasks.

Mayor Joshua Marsh gave the council information. City Hall with reopen June 15th with social distancing standards in mind. The $250,000 from OCRA has been turned from a loan to a grant in order to give directly to small businesses. The CARES Act Covid-19 Expense Reimbursement was explained. $386,600 had been a awarded to Greensburg to buy Covid related items to be reimbursed. The street sign on the corner of Main and Lincoln was gifted by the Rotary Club. Devoted2Decatur County has been extremely successful. There was a huge thanks to the Street Department for all that they did during big trash.

There will be a special meeting on June 22 at 6 pm for an intro from Reedy Financial Group to discuss the upcoming budget. This meeting is open to the public.

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