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5/5/2020 - Virtual Meeting for Greensburg City Council for May - Click here to print this information

Ashley Hennen from Decatur County Animal Control approached the board requesting $15,000. The money would go to the spaying /neutering and vaccinations of their animals at the shelter. Currently they are paying for the operations out of their donation fund, but with a spike in adoptions the fund is quickly running dry. The shelter has all adopted animals fixed and vaccinated. The motion to table the decision was approved.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges requested a payout of $19,000 from public safety for Dave Wilson. The motion to approve the public safety appropriation ordinance 2020-3 for Dave Wilson first reading was approved. Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer requested $222,356 to come out of the public safety fund. This money would be used update the radios in the fire department- specifically the portable radios. The plan is to go with Motorola radios because they have oversized buttons and knobs which are easy to use with fire gloves on. Also, the typical lifespan of a Motorola radio is 20 years. A motion to approve a 3 year lease program for payment was approved. There will be $80,175.85 paid every year and there is a 3.96% interest rate. There is no fine for early payment. The process of buying new radios for the fire department can now continue to progress.

Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer requested time update ordinance 2020-4. The ordinance has to do with fire pits and their rules and regulations which havent been updated since 1976. The motion to approve the updates with amendments was approved.

Donna Lecher from the water office gave an update. The revenue is up 3% more than at this time last year; however, consumption is down by 15% than this time last year. Kristen Williams, the Greensburg communications director, Explained to the board the website updates that were approved during the board of works meeting. Mayor Marsh gave an update. There was an OCRA grant awarded to Greensburg of the amount of $250,000 for small business loans. We were 1 of 13 communities to receive the grant. The airport was awarded a $30,000 grant from the CARES act. Heavy trash is during the week of May 18th and is expected to be huge due to everyone being home. Election Day is now on June 2nd and no longer May 5th. There were 2 new police hires and 3 of the 5 new firemen have joined the station. Mark Walters was appointed time the school board. Also through gift cards made for the local independent businesses, $75,000 were put back into the local economy in less than 72 hours.

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