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3/15/2020 - From the Decatur County Health Department - Click here to print this information

From Sean Durbin: Business Guidance Document

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Decatur County Health Department strongly recommends all businesses in the county immediately take the following actions to minimize community spread of COVID-19. At this time, we can still lessen the impact of this virus on our medical personnel and facilities by implementing these policies. This applies to all businesses:
If possible, enact policies to allow telecommuting
If you are a professional office business, lock your doors and use the telephone or video capabilities to conduct business
Cancel all face to face meetings.
If you are non-essential business, close for regular business
Consider staggered start times for shifts to minimize congregation of workers while clocking in and out
Grocery stores need to stay open, but take steps to encourage customers to maintain a 6 distance from one another and workers
If schools and daycares close, prepare for absences and do not penalize workers who must stay home to provide childcare
Suspend any policy that requires a doctors note to return to work
It is expected these measures will be required by the state in the near future, as well as closures of bars, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Get ahead of the requirements by implementing these policies now.
For more tips on how to safeguard your employees click link below.
These actions are imperative to help the medical community prevent surges at their facilities, protect your workers, and your community. Now is the time to act.

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