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3/3/2020 - Greensburg Board of Works Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Board of Works met on Monday. The board made an amendment to the agenda for the night, adding on the discussion of conditional offer of employment for the Greensburg Fire Department.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges approached the board for the purchase of new vehicles for investigations. There were 3 pickup trucks at Don Meyer Ford, Tom Sibbitts, and Acra that they were looking into for purchase. Bridges stated that this vehicle purchase is in the budget for the police department; however, an extra $4,000 was requested for additional costs. These additional costs would include adding hands-free to the trucks because it is becoming law that you must be hands-free when operating a vehicle and also a cover for the back of the truck. The motion to approve the purchase of the lowest bid vehicle with the additional $4,000 was approved. Bridges also delivered the 2019 Annual Report to the board.

Assistant Fire Chief Brian Wenning filled in for Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer to ask the boards approval of updates to job descriptions in the Fire Department. Although there are 6 jobs that need updated descriptions, Stoermer would like to go one by one and begin with Fire Chief and Inspector so as to not overload change. There was a motion to table this discussion until next month when Stoermer could be present. There was an approval to offer a conditional employment to several applicants for positions in the Fire department.

City Engineer Ron May approaches the board for signatures on the Title Sheet for the Veterans Way Phase 2 project. Construction will hopefully start September of 2020, be substantially completed August 2021, and fully completed November 2021. The motion to approve the signing of the Title Sheet was approved.

The next meeting of the Greensburg Board of Works will be April 6th.

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